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Review Anonymity

Simply stated, all reviews are posted anonymously. As part of a new review submission, we do ask that you create a free account but any information included in the account creation process is only to verify that you are a real person. WorkClear anonymously publishes your work-life related information and does not publish your identity.

Review Submission Guidelines

Reviews submitted to WorkClear should fit the following criteria:

  1. Jobs held for at least one full year: Reviews should be submitted for jobs held by the reviewer for at least one full year. At this time, contract or other jobs that do not last for a full year currently cannot be accepted. Jobs that last less than one year might include: internships, academic positions, sports careers, construction work, project based work, or others.
  2. Full-time jobs only: WorkClear currently only allows for reviews to be submitted for full-time positions.
  3. Balanced perspective: We encourage a balanced perspective when submitting a review. This means that reviewers should incorporate the work-life culture of an employer during “busy seasons” as well as during “slow seasons.” A submitted review should reflect a true average of an employee’s work-life experience at an employer over the course of a year. Also, for any text reviews submitted, please balance your written feedback between the strengths and weaknesses of the work-life culture at a particular job or company.
  4. Images: Any images submitted as part of a review must belong to the user submitting the image and may not include company logos or people. Ideal images are those of public working spaces which provide a sense of what it is like to work at a company.

You will be able to view three reviews submitted by other people prior to being asked to submit a review to continue to receive free access to WorkClear.

Integrity Standards

WorkClear maintains the highest standards and routinely rejects submitted reviews that do not meet our high standards of integrity.