Work-Life Balance is Our Everyday


WorkClear was founded to provide insight into the the work-life balance cultures of employers around the world. Members of the WorkClear community anonymously post actual work hours, vacation time, and other work-life metrics.

This website should be used as a tool for employees, employers, students, job seekers, and other corporate culture enthusiasts as a means to share and obtain work-life information.

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How We Are Different

WorkClear is focused on providing insight into the work-life cultures of companies around the world. There are several elements which make WorkClear different from other career and employer transparency websites.

  1. Work-life focused: WorkClear is focused solely on work-life topics.
  2. Detailed information: You won't find similarly detailed work-life balance metrics on any other career website as our process is truly original.
  3. Emphasis on work-life experience vs. corporate policy: Our goal is to provide transparency around the work-life experiences of employees around the world. This is in contrast to other career related websites which focus instead on the corporate or human resources policies of companies. For example, a corporate policy may indicate that an employee is eligible to receive 25 vacation days per year whereas the actual, realizable vacation days at that company may be less than that number.
  4. Objective and largely quantitative data: We believe that in order for work-life data to be usable by people who have different standards around what qualifies as appropriate work-life balance, the data provided must be objective and largely quantitative. For some people, working 50 hours per week represents great work-life balance. For other people, working 50 hours per week represents poor work-life balance. WorkClear aims to present the data received by users as objectively as possible such that you can make your own judgment as to what constitutes “good” or “bad” work-life balance.