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Unlimited Time Off Sounds Great, But Employees Don’t Take Advantage

By Stephen Lovely | Sep 30, 2016 | 0 Comments

In competitive places like Silicon Valley, work-life balance has become an increasingly important consideration for sought-after professionals. The most talented employees don’t just want good salaries – they want good corporate cultures and convenient schedules. That has led to a revolution in benefits packages, and the rise of the ultimate work-life balance perk: unlimited time off. It is a benefit that sounds nearly utopian. But it has paid off well for the companies that have implemented it – more so, in fact, than it has for their employees. Studies show that corporations are, by far, getting the better end of…

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How Do Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Handle Work-Life Balance?

By Stephen Lovely | Aug 30, 2016 | 1 Comment

It’s hard to have a life when you’re busy – and perhaps no two Americans are busier right now than major-party Presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both will be campaigning at a breakneck pace between now and November. Of course, neither Clinton nor Trump are strangers to tough schedules – both are known for relentless work ethic and long work days. Clinton and Trump are not necessarily paragons of work-life balance, but that does not mean that we cannot learn from what they have done right (and wrong). Their ultra-busy lives include some important lessons on work-life balance.…

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Keeping Work Out of Your Vacation

By Stephen Lovely | Jul 13, 2016 | 0 Comments

We have all been there. You are at the beach or in a faraway city, and you have almost completely forgotten work. Then your phone buzzes, and you are right back in it. Just one email – they just need you for this one thing – and then you will get back to relaxing, you swear. But when you interrupt your time off with little distractions like this, your vacation won’t have the relaxing and recharging effects that your mind and body need. You are throwing off your work-life balance by allowing work to invade your personal time, and you…

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At NVIDIA, Work-Life Balance Comes to You

By Stephen Lovely | Jun 28, 2016 | 0 Comments

In the fast-changing world of Silicon Valley, NVIDIA qualifies as part of the old guard. The computer graphics company has been a Bay Area staple for more than 20 years, and it has seen plenty of growth in that time. But in Silicon Valley, no company can afford to sit idle – which is why NVIDIA recently changed its benefits package in order to better attract and retain talent. Some of NVIDIA’s benefits, like the student loan debt repayment program, mirror perks that NVIDIA’s Silicon Valley peers have already pioneered. But other elements of NVIDIA’s benefits package are more revolutionary…

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Meet the CEO Who Pays for His Employees’ Weddings

By Stephen Lovely | Jun 24, 2016 | 0 Comments

Marcel Graham worked hard to save up for his wedding. He took on extra shifts and worked seven days a week at an order fulfillment center in Edison, New Jersey. But when his mother’s medical bills obliterated his savings, he thought all was lost – until the company he worked for stepped in. Graham works for Boxed, a company that’s disrupting the big-box, bulk-buying space currently dominated by companies like Costco. And when Boxed CEO Chieh Huang heard that Graham was having a hard time, he gave him a call with a big surprise: Boxed would pay for the wedding.…

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Zappos’ Tony Hsieh May Sell His Revolutionary Work Culture Platform

By Stephen Lovely | Jun 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

Tony Hsieh built Zappos from the ground up, turned it into a corporate behemoth, and then sold it to Amazon. Now, as CEO of the company, he has taken another huge step: he has completely re-imagined the company’s culture. Zappos, which operates almost entirely independently from its Amazon overlords, is now operating under the tenets of a work philosophy called “teal.” This new philosophy has led Hsieh to convert his company into a “holacracy,” an equality-focused system that eliminates traditional management/employee hierarchies. The new system is “self-organized” and “self-managed,” Hsieh explained on Recode’s Recode Replay podcast. In Hsieh’s view, this…

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What can we Learn from Physical Laborers about Work-Life Balance?

By Stephen Lovely | May 21, 2016 | 0 Comments

Physical labor is difficult work. So why are physical laborers happier with their careers than many white-collar workers? The answer has less to do with straining muscles than it does with constrained schedules. According to the Guardian, physical work often comes with something that business careers do not: a steady and predictable schedule. And that’s no small factor in productivity and happiness. Labor experts say that working regular hours in groups helps workers bond. The flip side is even more important: predictable time off gives workers happier home and family lives. When workers do not know when they will be…

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How Hera Hub is Catering to a Better Work-Life Balance

By WorkClear | May 6, 2016 | 0 Comments
Co-Working Space for Women promoting Work-Life Balance

Finding the correct balance between work and family life is never easy. Different for men and women, the challenges and hurdles to maintaining a career and a family can come at a considerable cost. Felena Hanson, CEO and founder of Hera Hub, a San-Diego based female-focused company, understands the gender barriers that come with the territory for women in the workplace and has dedicated not only her career but her life, to helping women find that happy medium between success in the office and success with their families. Naming her organization after the Greek goddess Hera, Hanson’s life’s mission is…

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Law Firm Shearman & Sterling Makes “Work From Home” a Reality

By WorkClear | Apr 18, 2016 | 0 Comments
Law Firm Shearman & Sterling Makes “Work From Home” a Reality for Employees

Lawyer’s hours can be grueling, especially in the heat of a case. Professionals can be on call day and night in the thick of things. What one law firm is doing is revolutionary not only in the legal field but to the concept of work prioritization in the life of those practicing law. When Shearman & Sterling implemented an official policy that allowed its employees to choose to work from home two days a month, it was a significant change to the way in which law firms have traditionally approached work from home options. Two days may not seem like…

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Etsy to Offer 6-Month Paid Parental Leave

By WorkClear | Apr 1, 2016 | 0 Comments

In the midst of tech companies competing for top talent, Etsy becomes the latest firm to offer a more generous parental leave policy. In a recent blog post, Etsy announced that it is offering up to six months of “fully paid leave when they [employees] become a parent through birth or adoption, regardless of their gender, country of residence or family circumstance.” This policy change is a big improvement from Etsy’s previous policy of 5 weeks paid leave and was changed as a “competitive necessity” according to the blog post. Etsy goes further to say they “believe that policies that…

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