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Average hours worked per week

Lunch break per day: 0 minutes

Average number of hours worked per week.

Average start and end time

Numbers above each bar indicate daily work hours and minutes. Each figure is reduced by the lunch break taken each day. Lunch break start and end times are illustrative.

Average start and end time for each day of the week.

Total vacation time per year

Number of vacation days actually taken, on average, compared to the number of vacation days offered by an employer.

Federal holidays offered

Average number of Federal holidays employees have been able to take off.

Work travel required

Percent of travel typically required (over and above normal commuting time).

Time spent working from home each week

Percent of time employees work from home each week, on average.

Employee Feedback

Asset Management Specialist in Dallas, Texas
April 22, 2016
Both job level and group impact the work effort/hours on has. Due to the work and massive dollars and responsibility involved, for one to do a good job normal work hours in Risk Share Asset Management are greater than most other groups within the Agency.