At NVIDIA, Work-Life Balance Comes to You

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In the fast-changing world of Silicon Valley, NVIDIA qualifies as part of the old guard. The computer graphics company has been a Bay Area staple for more than 20 years, and it has seen plenty of growth in that time. But in Silicon Valley, no company can afford to sit idle – which is why NVIDIA recently changed its benefits package in order to better attract and retain talent.

Some of NVIDIA’s benefits, like the student loan debt repayment program, mirror perks that NVIDIA’s Silicon Valley peers have already pioneered. But other elements of NVIDIA’s benefits package are more revolutionary – including a slate of benefits that are focused on work-life balance.

NVIDIA’s campus isn’t all that remote, but it’s far enough out of town that the company thought it best to save its employees some time on their errands and appointments. To that end, NVIDIA added an onsite healthcare system, complete with private doctors that can provide “primary care, preventative, chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, all [the employees’] primary care needs,” Andrea Trudelle, the company’s benefits director, told Employee Benefit News. A dentist is also available on the campus and a mobile clinic visits every other week.

Medical care isn’t the only thing that’s made local for NVIDIA employees. Time saving benefits such as car care is covered, with onsite oil changes offered twice each month. Subsidized onsite cafeterias also offer affordable meals, so employees never have to travel far for food.

All of this makes NVIDIA’s campus feel a bit more like a community than a work site. NVIDIA’s innovative benefits leave more time for work and home life and, of course, make it easier to balance the two. Trudelle says that’s a priority because the company truly values its employees. “Our intent is to help them live the best life they can,” she explains. At NVIDIA, this means that the benefits come to you.

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