Help & FAQ

How do I contact WorkClear about media, press, or corporate advertising opportunities? Also, where can I go for technical questions related to my account or the website?

Feel free to email us at

What are the rules of posting a review to WorkClear?

  • Accuracy: users are required to post accurate review which reflect their own personal experience and the experience that one would expect to have at a particular firm. It should be noted that while WorkClear takes measures to verify that a user is who they claim to be, WorkClear makes no claim to the accuracy of user postings. That said, a human examines each review, and discards reviews as appropriate, prior to any review being posted to WorkClear.
  • Confidential information: any information about a position, company, or industry which is confidential should never be revealed as part of a posting.
  • Consider the audience: keep in mind that others will be using your review as the basis for considering a potential career, company, or position.
  • Be descriptive: be as detailed as possible about your experience.

Why are not all submitted reviews posted to WorkClear?

WorkClear maintains the highest standards regarding all published reviews. All submitted reviews are checked by a human for accuracy. Given our high standards, we cannot commit to publishing all submitted reviews. While some submitted reviews contain completely accurate data, if this data cannot be verified to some outside source a review may not be published. The most common reason a review is not published is that an account was not created immediately following the submission of a review.

If reviews are anonymous, why ask for my name and email address as part of the review submission / registration process?

While all submitted reviews are posted anonymously, we ask for your name and email address as part of the review submission process / account creation process to verify that you are in fact a real person. That said, we will never publish any personally identifiable information (including your name, email address, etc.). Not asking for either names and/or email address is a criticism expressed by many towards our competitors and we are ultimately seeking to create a community which has data that community members can feel confident using.